Corona virus: the celebration of Buddhist cults

Buddhism is a basic Chinese religion that consists of worshipping Buddha as one's God through religious cults in temples. This religion following the advent of the pandemic has undergone a change in worship. In this article you will find the forms of Buddhist celebrations despite the covid-19. You are thus invited to read this article to have more information on these cults of Buddhists

The celebrations of Buddhist cults

During the cults, the worshippers slowly move past each other to pass before the great Chinese god. Buddhist temples gather crowds of people to give offerings and watch the cults. Indeed, they allow for ceremonies, Chinese New Year and religious events that bring large numbers of people together. But the corona virus pandemic has changed this untouchable tradition of Buddha being worshipped.  During the worship services, the faithful slowly pass in front of the great Chinese god. In joy, they take the objects and tools of prestige meant for the cults to use the practices and gestures.

Barrier measures during Buddhist worship

The health situation prevailing over the whole world has almost affected the customs of religions in general. In China, Buddhist-related worship and practices are no longer done as in the past. This is to limit the spread of the pandemic. The wearing of masks is a requirement in Buddhist temples, and precious objects kept for worship are no longer touched as intended. But with a strong requirement to wear masks and wash hands. During meditations and prayers, Buddhists have to keep a good distance between themselves to avoid touching. In addition, the seats strictly respect the distance. Not only this in China, but also in other countries of the world where this religion is practised. The pandemic has not spared a religion from barrier measures for the protection of the faithful in religious temples.