How to create a chatbot on Facebook Messenger?

It is currently possible to use the artificial intelligence called chatbot on Facebook Messenger. The goal is to permanently chat with your visitors or customers even if you are not online. The chatbot takes care of answering the questions that visitors will ask him on your Messenger interface.

You need to connect to your Facebook page and the bot of your choice

You don't need to be a genius to create a working chatbot. Creating a chatbot is not as difficult as you might think. There is a platform dedicated to this that will help you do it, visit here to get a clear idea of how to create the chatbot. On chatfuel, you have the possibility to create your chatbot for free. What you will do is to join the chatfuel platform. Once you are on the interface of the platform, you will then click on start for free and choose the page on which you want to host the chatbot. This page, once finalized, will then be used to make the link between the chatfuel platform and your Facebook page.  If the link is well done, then you land directly on the dashboard. There are temples available and adapted to each sector of activity. If you get to this stage, all you have to do is to proceed with the configuration of your chatbot.

Create the messages automatically

It is essential to rewrite the welcome message and adapt it as you wish because the pre-existing messages are in English. You must remember that the chatfuel is a purely English website. After the welcome message, you will be able to program the standard answer that will appear each time your chatbot does not have an answer to a question that is asked. So, you need three steps to build a chatbot. The first step is to design all the messages. The second step is to broadcast the designed messages and finally, the last step is to set up your chatbot. The chatbot on Messenger is beneficial for businesses.