How to generate more leads for your marketing campaign?

Lead generation involves a whole bunch of processes and tactics. However, not all companies have the same features. So you have to leverage your marketing campaign according to the tools and platforms you use. That said, one of the tools you can take advantage of to generate more marketing leads for your campaign is AI. Yes! Artificial Intelligence is everywhere today, so why don’t you use it to generate more leads for your marketing campaign? Let’s discover how you can do that!

Keep track of your data

If you are willing to generate more leads for your campaign, you can start by archiving this post that ranks well, generates traffic, and has a clear link to your product. Once you are sure that it works, you can start figuring out where your CTAs should be placed. 
Actually, a large number of advertisers do not build special landing pages for their products. But call-to-action buttoms are intended to send visitors to a landing page which will provide them with specific offers. For example, do not use CTAs when you want people to go to your homepage. Rather, send them to a page where they can be converted into leads; and that’s where AI comes in.
How? You can use an AI to help you find out the right way and where to put the CTA. It can also help you decipher the pain points of your audience so that you can reach out at the right time. However, you can still send these CTAs to a targeted landing page, which is relevant for what you want them to look for, even if it is just about your brand, not a specific offer.

Find the right tool for lead gen-along with tracking your data

Believe it or not, successful marketing teams use a formal system of organizing leads and storing them. That's where lead generation tools come into the game. What are the names or e-mail addresses of your website’s visitors? What pages have they visited? What are they going to do before or after completing their lead conversion form?
You should be able to answer these questions, if not, chances are you don't have a good relationship with your audience. However, you can have the answers to those questions with the right tools for lead generation. Among the tools you can use for this purpose, we highly recommend you AI. More specifically, there are a few tools out there such as AI powered chatbots to help you leverage lead gen for your marketing campaigns.

Create personalized solutions for each step

Here, you should create offers for every phase of your campaign and offer CTAs related to those offers on your site. For example, someone might be interested in a piece of information such as an ebook or a guide at the beginning of the buying process; while someone else who already knows your company and is near the bottom of the buying process might be interested in a free trial or demo first.
This simply means that it takes a huge time to build valuable content that nurtures your leads down to your customers’ community. But if you are not offering something for those who do not wish to make a purchase, they may never return to your website. So, try to use smart and personalized solutions to step forward and increase your conversion rate.