Some key Kpis to track for inbound call centers

Corporate customer service must be efficient. It is the real way to make customers loyal. For this to happen, it has to be really efficient, especially when it comes to managing inbound calls. Fortunately, there are some essential indicators that can be followed for inbound call centers. In this article, we present you some essential KPIs to follow for inbound call centers.

The level of service

There are many essential KPIs to track for inbound call centers. Among them, we can mention the service level. This is one of the most used kpis for call centers. This indicator is the one that determines the number of inbound calls that have already been answered. This determination is made based on the seconds observed for the answers. It is not difficult to obtain the service level KPI. It is sufficient to divide the total number of inbound calls that have already been answered by the number of inbound calls that are received in the same time. The result is then multiplied by 100.

As an example, in twenty seconds, we have processed ninety incoming calls out of one hundred and five, in twenty seconds. To obtain the service level KPI, you need to divide ninety by one hundred and five. The result multiplied by one hundred is ninety-five decimal seven, or nearly ninety percent.

Average call duration

The service level KPI is not the only critical KPI to track for inbound call centers. There is also the average inbound call duration KPI. The special thing about this KPI is that it is also monitored by the departments that deal with outbound calls. This KPI is the one that calculates the productivity of the agents. 

Thanks to the technology, it is possible to check which employees are doing a good job every time. So, thanks to this KPI, we will know how much time an agent spends on an interaction.