Stephen Curry scores a perfectly prodigious shot during warm-ups

The Warriors star has accomplished yet another feat. It happened during his practice this past Monday. Stephen scored a shot that brought him joy from his fans. It seems that this shot was made without much effort during a simple warm-up. His teammates, very proud of him, did not hesitate to show it to him. So this was manifested by a celebration.

The famous Stephen Curry shot

The famous throw was so high that the camera. According to the directory , before the game, the Superstar Curry pointed a very amazing shot that caused the ceremony by a cake. Indeed, the ball went up to a very high level that the cameraman's lens was not able to ensure the view. So, it's surprising that a ball that was so high was able to go down into the net. It wasn't obvious that the trajectory was going to be followed. What was unimaginable was how exactly the ball landed in the net. This is what motivated the entire team to celebrate this unique feat with great dignity. Even though it was only the warm-up sessions and not a real game. The Dubs still wanted to celebrate their pitching champion.

Fans doubly surprised

This warm-up got a lot of reaction from fans. First, people online are impressed with the score, but at the same time, they are bewildered by the noise the team makes when faced with a hit during a warm-up. The Warriors are going through a losing streak at this point. This same Pitching Star, along with his teammates, had recently lost two of three games. This was something that the fans were not expecting at all. That was a game against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday. If Curry could exert several pushes for points in the next game, they would be proud. Everyone then hopes the Warriors can put up a better fight next Tuesday against the Orlando Magic.