What are the advantages of the PIC monitor?

The PIC monitor is a very powerful tool with multiple functions. It has a highly qualified mechanism, which works with several devices. However, the PIC monitor is much more than that. It is not a simple monitoring device. Want to learn more about this device, you are on the right track. This article will show you some of the advantages of the functions of this device.

The PIC monitor: what is it?

As said before, the PIC monitor is a very versatile device that offers you several possibilities. It was designed to boost the performance of medicine. In a nutshell, the ICP monitor provides a flexible solution to many of the experiences that are made in medicine. To find out more, continue reading. Indeed, if you want to measure intracranial pressure or intracranial temperature, you can do so with the ICP monitor. Apart from that, this device has several advanced features. Best of all, it is easy to use and is also compatible with several devices.

The benefits of a PIC monitor

The advantages of this device are many. Firstly, with its ease of use, you have: a touch screen for automatic navigation, a semi-automatic zeroing system and an intuitive process with detailed steps. Secondly, its advanced function allows you to have several other possibilities. In this respect, you have a display of average SOP and real-time TIC values. The same applies to the display of the ICP curve. In addition, you have a battery life of 6 hours on full charge and that's not all. All your experiments during the last 15 days of monitoring are recorded.
Secondly, with the PIC monitor device you have improved compatibility. In this respect the PIC monitor is compatible with most patient monitors. It allows you to make easy and fast data transfers. Finally, thanks to its compatibility, all your raw data is acquired in real time.