What are the new formalities for companies in China?

The government of China wants to promote the use of e-commerce licenses. This is in order to modernize the constitution of enterprises. What is an e-commerce business license? How to apply for one? Discover the answers to these questions in the following article. 

What is an e-commerce business license? 

An e-commerce business license is a legal electronic document. Click Hawksford for more information. It includes the registration information of marketplace merchants. It has the same power as paper business licenses. E-commerce business licenses can be useful in many cases. 
With this electronic document, you will be able to file tax returns directly via the internet. You will be able to file annual inspections, again via the internet at the labor office.Likewise, you will be able to make declarations to the statistics office directly online. This document will also serve as proof of annual inspections, e-contract.  

How to apply for an e-commerce business license? 

In view of all the advantages of an e-commerce business license, it is important to obtain it in time. To apply for an e-commerce business license, there are steps to follow. Firstly, to obtain the license, the legal representative of the company who wishes to apply must have an identity card in mainland China. The company itself must be in a normal state and must have completed the verification of the real name of its representative. 
If the representative of the company holds a foreign passport instead, he/she should go to the local office of the State Administration for Market Regulation. If he is unable to go there, he can designate a local person to whom he will sign a confirmation letter and provide an e-mail address. The address will be used to receive the QR code. The company can then receive its e-commerce business license.