What is the value of B Corp certification?

B Corp certification is a certification granted by the international organization B Lab. Many companies now desire it. However, its value is controversial in some parts of the world. What is the actual value of B Corp certification today ? Read this article to see the answer to this question.

What is the purpose of B Corp certification ?

The B Corp certification allows the company that holds it to claim to be an eco-responsible company that respects international rules and standards in terms of human rights, labour rights, etc. It is internationally recognised and well appreciated. 

It is internationally recognised and well appreciated. This is why companies like AB7 are seeking to obtain it in order to show their seriousness and commitment to a healthier world in which better living is becoming a reality. 

Why is this certification controversial ?

Although it is well regarded by experts in its field, the B Corp certification is somewhat controversial because of some of bad behaviour of the companies that hold it.

Indeed, because of certain deviations of certain companies possessing the B Corp certification and their convictions, the value of the B Corp certification is somewhat questioned by a fringe of specialists in certification issues. 

The latter also reproach B Lab, the organisation responsible for awarding the said certification, for its slowness in imposing sanctions and withdrawing certification from companies and firms guilty of deviations and bad behaviour. 

What should we remember in the end ?

All these criticisms made of B Corp somewhat discredit its overall value. However, it must be said that its intrinsic value remains relatively good and high. This intrinsic value remains relatively untainted on the whole. 

The impression that experts in certification issues have of B Corp certification is generally good despite the few false marks recorded, because B Corp remains a well-rated and prestigious certification.